Nail-Art-A-Go-Go - Day 7 - Primary

Hi guys, and welcome to Day 7 of the NAGG challenge.  This is the last prompt in the colour theory week of the challenge; Primary.  I struggled with this prompt at first, I had no clue what to do with red, blue and yellow, so I decided to keep it simple, and just use the blue and red.

The base for this mani is Gallery Colours - Electric Blue, and the stamping is Kleancolor - Metallic Red and MoYou London - Suki 07.  I adore this big swirly bit in the middle of this plate and the last time I used it my nails were pretty short, so it's nice to see how it looks on long nails too.
I was really happy with the way this mani turned out in the end, I think these 2 polishes play very nicely together, and I'm pleased it wasn't a total disaster.  I felt pretty out of my comfort zone with this prompt :)
The next week of the challenge will be the Art 101 week, and the prompts will be a lot harder from now on - I hope you're looking forward to it!  Also, tomorrows mani for still life is a wild (read:mis-) interpretation of the prompt, but I think it's pretty cool, so I'm crossing my fingers that I will be forgiven :D
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