Limited Edition “Luxury Lacquers” by CATRICE [Press Release]


Limited Edition “Luxury Lacquers” by CATRICE

Show Effects. 
Things that arouse curiosity are en vogue. Looks must be multi-facetted, the feel unusual. The new fabrics in the designer collections are there to be discovered with all your senses. Three-dimensional structures, elaborate applications as well as multi-dimensional colours with holographic or metallic effects turn the designs into luxury items. More is more. 
That’s why the Limited Edition “Luxury Lacquers” by CATRICE“, which will be available in stores in March 2014, offers a total of 24 nail polish colours guaranteed to be eye-catching. You have a choice of four different effects: 

  • Sand’sation
  •  Chameleon
  •  Million Brilliance 
  •  Holomania. 

All polishes shine in the trendiest colours of the season and offer ultimate coverage as well as a long-lasting texture. Limited Edition, unlimited Effects – by CATRICE.

Luxury Lacquers by CATRICE – Million Brilliance

Special Sparkle. Multi-dimensional glitter and pearls sparkle in all facets and give your nails a luxurious coat. The result is unique and brillliant – absolute must-haves and suitable for all trendy looks.

 Available in 
C01 BRIGHTsmaid, 
C02 Glitz Carlton, 
C03 Glitterama, 
C04 The Big Bling Theory, 
C05 Walk Of Glitters, 
C06 Glitters Are A Girl’s Best Friend, 
C07 Sweet Glitzteen and 
C08 Glitter Me If You Can.

Luxury Lacquers by CATRICE – Sand’sation

3Deluxe. The Sand’sation nail polishes offer a sandy finish with high coverage and a sensational colour brilliance. The fine crystals cover your nails like diamond dust to give them an unmistakable structure. Eight fashionable shades including elegant silver, intensive royal blue, paradise turquoise green as well as bright coral, pink and red shades. Available in 

C01 100 perSand Real, 
C02 Maliblue, 
C03 Sandhopper,
C04 PLUMbeach, 
05 Strawberry BAYquiri, 
C06 It’s a PINKini World, 
C07 TropiCoral and 
C08 Waikiki Peach.

Luxury Lacquers by CATRICE Holomania

Pretty Prism. Holographic effects give your nails a unique look - exclusive and fascinating at the same time. The metallic colours with an ultimate prism effect come in cool silver and blue shades as well as a fashionable purple. Ultimate coverage and ultimate durability are guaranteed. On top of that, the professional brush offers a particularly easy application. 
Available in 

C01 Holo Manolo, 
C02 ApHolo 7, 
C03 Holo In One and 
C04 Plum Me Up Scotty.

Luxury Lacquers by CATRICE Chameleon

Colour Change. Intensive, powerful colour meets upon iridescent duo-chrome here. The unique chameleon effect in trendy copper-chrome, bluish pink, bright cherry and fashionable peach makes a real statement. The shine is full of effects, the colour offers great coverage and the texture is especially long-lasting. 
Available in 
C05 Chromeo & Julia, 
C06 Chromit & Miss Pinky, 
C07 Salmon Salmon But Different and 
C08 C(h)ome, Leon!

“Luxury Lacquers” by CATRICE will be available in stores in March 2014.

The essence trend edition “bloom me up” will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Australia, Ireland, Russia, Israel, Tunisia, Taiwan, Japan, Panama, Bolivia, and Chile.

The essence trend edition “bloom me up tools” will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Italy, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Latvia, Russia, Israel, Brunei, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela and Taiwan. 

The Limited Edition “Luxury Lacquers” by CATRICE will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Tunisia, Thailand, India, and Myanmar.