H&M Lolita

I told you before how confusing I think H&M nail polishes sometimes are. They have these different shaped bottles and all and I just don't get it. Well, once when I was eyeing H&M nail polish stand I noticed this one bottle that was different from all the others. There was only one bottle of this oddly shaped bottle there and then there was also many bottles of the same color but different shape of bottle. Confusing, right? But what was more confusing is that the bottle that I found was bigger (had more nail polish in it) than the others but it was also cheaper. Well, of course I had to buy it then, lol.

So this is called Lolita and I have two coats here, no base or top coat. It's a quite nice color, nothing unique and well, I have quite many that are in the same hue, but I just had to buy it, you know. The quality was quite nice too, though this one was a bit runny, but nothing major. I don't really like the shape of the bottle, or at least the cap is a little difficult to work with, but again, this one was cheaper that the others, so of course I had to be economical and buy this one. Well, I could have been even more economical and left the shop without any polish...


Maybelline MNY #673

I have a not-so-summery mani for you today for a change. Recently (well, about month and a half ago, but time goes so fast in summer) I spotted Maybelline MNY stand in a Finnish store. Before this I hadn't never seen this MNY brand sold in Finland, so of course I had to pick up some polishes to try. I choosed two and today I have have the first one to show you.

This is #673 and I have three coats here, no base or top coat. Normally I don't like to wear plain black polishes but I wanted to try this one because as you can see it's not just plain black. And well, I really like it! It looks so cool with all those silver particles (I can't decide what to call them). Even thoguh it's summer and all I really wanted to wear this as a full mani and not just for a little while (for these pictures). So the first try with this Maybelline line was a success. I'm always glad when new brands or lines show up here, because as you can probably imagine, Finland isn't really a nail polish wonderland. There seems to be more and more nail polish at different stores nowadays, but it always nice to see even more.


Catherine Arley #677

I have another Catherine Arley polish for you today, just because they are so pretty and what's really a better time to wear them than summertime with sunshine..

This one is number 677 and I have two coats here (again, it was almost good to go with just one coat). I don't have much to say about this that I haven't already said about the other Catherine Arley polishes. I really love the quality (and also the price) of these polishes and this is yet another pretty color. Looking at this just makes me want to buy all the rest of these holographic polishes that I don't (yet) own. And that wouldn't be so smart, would it? Who needs so many holographic polishes? I do! Well, maybe I don't need them, but I still want them, oh well...


Catherine Arley #668

Summer is probably the best time to wear holo polishes, right? So I have another holo polish for you today.

This is Catherine Arley polish number 668 and I have two coats here with base and top coat. All but the last picture are taken under sunlight. I have to say that I really love this CA polish too like all the others I have shown you. This is quite a fun one, because it's almost like some regular nude or just a neutral color when there's no sunlight, but in sun it really comes alive. So I'd say this one is a office friendly holo. And I even got some compliments from strangers wearing this. Well, maybe that's an everyday thing for some of you that people compliment your nail polish, but I think Finnish people are more hesitant to say things like that to strangers, so I think I'm not the only one loving this polish.