Essence Trend Edition - Super Heroes


essence trend edition “superheroes”
Heroic and supernatural – new dimensions for nail styling sessions! The products in the new essence trend edition “superheroes” offer your nails super(hero) effects in November 2013. Holographic, iridescent, a sand feeling, liquid gold, thermo effect, 3D textures like glitter or flakes or stickers – the variety has no limits! Welcome to the new galaxy of nail art! The trend edition also includes super cool colors like fuchsia, turquoise, dark blue, purple, yellow, gold and silver. Each of the products – whether nail polish, stickers or glitter, turns your nails into an ultimate highlight. There’s also an extraordinary nail polish remover with glitter particles to remove all creative styles and a practical turquoise cosmetics bag with a sequin look to store all your superheroes in!

essence superheroes – nail polish thermo
Hot and cold! This thermo-iridescent polish is a real novelty in the nail cosmos. It reacts to fluctuations in temperature and changes its color from light to dark pink and vice versa. A cool innovation with a true wow-guarantee! Available in 01 fantastic girl.

essence superheroes – nail polish sand
Sandy super(wo)man! This nail polish has tiny particles that leave behind a cool, slightly matt sand effect once dry – THE ultimate new nail trend to touch and a real highflyer in the fight against the villains! Available in 02 the incredible.

essence superheroes – nail polish oil slick
Colorchanging! This nail polish gives all beauty heroines’ nails true chameleon powers. Depending on the way the light falls and reflects, the polish changes color and shimmers in various facets of blue. Available in 03 power girl.

essence superheroes – nail polish holo

Holographic hero! The trendy, silver holographic glitter particles in this nail polish give your nails a surprising look that shimmers in all the colors of the rainbow when light shines on it. Available in 04 super, man!

essence superheroes – nail polish like liquid gold
Goldfinger! With this metallic nail polish, you can take it literally as it contains real gold particles and conjures-up an awesome liquid gold finish on your nails. That’s sure to awaken true superpowers! Available in 05 wonder wow! man!.

essence superheroes – nail polish galaxy flakes
Galaxy girl! Irresistible multicolor flakes give your nails a supercool look and skillfully outshine all the daredevils out there. Amazingly galactic! Available in 06 the awesome.

essence superheroes – effect nails
Super special effects! Exciting three dimensional highlights like holographic silver glitter and fuchsia or turquoise flakes ensure unique nail styles. The little containers with a practical sieve allow a simple application. Available in 01 super, man!, 02 fantastic girl and 03 the incredible. 

essence superheroes – effect nails brush
Power brush… the new professional tool with a holographic handle is an absolute must-have for the application of the unique effect nails glitter. Comes in a practical pouch in 01 super, man!.

essence superheroes – nail art sticker
Nail art action! The stickers in two different holographic designs – stylish stripes or stars – turn your nail style into an absolute eye-catcher that’s anything but boring! Available in 01 be my hero! and 02 rescue me!

essence superheroes – nail polish remover
(Re)move it! The innovative gel texture removes even intensive nail polish colors and nail decorations in a flash without leaving behind any residues. The remover also looks impressive and powerful thanks to its tiny silver glitter particles– 1, 2, 3… invisible. Available in 01 fantastic girl.

essence superheroes – cosmetic bag
Store the heroic nail products in this trend edition in style in this awesome zipper cosmetics bag with real sequin glitter. A practical must-have for every purse – it’s so trendy, you can even use it as a small clutch. Available in 01 the incredible.


Catrice Limited Edition - Rocking Royals

Limited Edition “Rocking Royals” by CATRICE

Top Tier. Elaborate couture designs with sophisticated stitching, lavish ornamental trimming and heavy fabrics. Golden-weaved robes and splendid crystal gowns with a rock-chic twist. The Royals are a true source of inspiration. Modern day style icons. Duchess Kate is as much of a fashion idol as rock stars, punkettes and it-girls these days. Royal opulence and modern rock elements are united in the Limited Edition “Rocking Royals” by CATRICE this November and December 2013. Shades of gold, fuchsia, royal blue and emerald green underline this fashionable style. The effects are as versatile as the catwalk collections themselves; metallic eyeshadows, velvety matt lipsticks, scented shimmer powder and 3D nail designs. Rocking Royals – by CATRICE.

 Velvet Metal Eyeshadow
Treasure Box. The pressed powder Velvet Metal Eyeshadows have a wonderfully soft texture and offer a metallic finish in elegant, intensive shades such as gold, champagne, royal blue and emerald green. The limited embossment with the initials “RR” is reminiscent of aristocratic family crests and gives the otherwise purist design a royal touch. 
Available in

 C01 Finally Crowned,

C02 Ex Pistols

 C03 Royal Blue

C04 Emerald Queen.

 Velvet Black Liner
Velvet Liner. This dip-eyeliner ensures an easy and accurate handling with its high-quality precision brush applicator. The long-lasting matt finish has a fashionable velvet appearance that creates an effective frame for expressive eye make-up looks. 

Available in 

C01 Velvet Black. 

 Velvet Matt Lip Colour
Royal Rebels. Velvety matt shades meet the pulse of the times to create a trendy Rocking Royals look: a portion of glamour mixed with a portion of punk rock. The creamy texture feels pleasantly soft and pampering while the shiny black packaging provides the crowning glory. A must-have for the coming season. 

Available in 

C01 Pink Punk 

 C02 Royal Blood. 

Liplocking Base
Long Live the Lipstick. This innovative, transparent base is applied before the colour texture to ideally prep your lips for lipstick. You no longer have to worry that the colour will bleed – instead, you can enjoy the practical size for your handbag and look forward to long-lasting as well as convincing results. 

 Scented Highlighting Powder
Nobilitas. An aristocratic pallor and a smooth complexion are a must for this trendy look. Apply the ultra-silky powder with light-reflecting pigments on your face and neckline with the integrated powder puff for a soft shimmer and a pleasant fragrance. 

Available in 

C01 Rock It Science.

Multi Colour Blush
Crowning Glory. Set beautiful accents with the fine, multi colour blush. The décor of this strictly limited Multi Colour Blush as well as its punky plum shade are simply fabulous. For a fresh complexion and a touch of colour in the otherwise dismal grey of winter. 

Available in 

C01 Punk Up The Royals

Ultimate Nail Lacquer
Royal Blue or Royal Blood? In addition to ultimate longlasting texture and coverage, the Ultimate Nail Lacquers also offer the most gorgeous colours of the upcoming festive season: silver, pink, royal blue, green and red – each with fine glitter pigments. Available in 

C01 Ex Pistols

 C02 Pink Punk

 C03 Royal Blue

 C04 Emerald Queen

 C05 Of Royal Blood.

Velvet Nail Powder
So Refined! 3D-effects are the ultimate nail trend. First, paint your nails in the deisred colour. Next, sprinkle the powder onto your still moist nails and voilá, your 3-dimensional, velvety look is complete. Blue-blooded. Punky. Individual. 

Available in

 C01 Of Royal Blood. 

“Rocking Royals” by CATRICE will be available in stores in November and December 2013.


LORAC, Cargo, theBalm, Pur Minerals and H20+ now at Kohl's

Remember how excited we were when Essie landed at Kohl's this time last year? Well get ready for some more excitement because LORAC, theBalm and other prestige beauty brands are now at Kohl's too! Reader Faith spotted the new LORAC display at her Kohl's recently and was nice enough to share a pic:

image credit: Faith For Nouveau Cheap

LORAC at Kohl's

Click here to see LORAC on the Kohl's


Spotted: Spoiled by Wet n Wild Holiday 2013 Nail Color & Lip Gloss Sets

Well what do we have here? Lipglosses...from Spoiled by Wet n Wild? Yep! Reader Leah spotted these little holiday sets at CVS the other day and was kind enough to share some pics. Take a peek!

image credit: Leah for Nouveau Cheap

Spoiled by Wet n Wild Holiday 2013 Nail Color & Lipgloss Sets at CVS

 (Retail: $2.99 per set. Nail polish: 0.5 oz. Lipgloss: 0.26 oz)

There are three sets in


Revlon to bring back five vintage Super Lustrous Lipstick shades

If you don't follow Revlon on Facebook or Instagram, you might not know that they just announced that, after a fan vote, they're bringing back FIVE vintage shades from the Super Lustrous Lipstick line:

image source: Revlon Facebook page

Coming back in 2014:

Icy Violet, Snow Peach, Sandstorm, Fifth Ave Red, Jungle Peach

Well, my day has officially been made. THEY'RE BRINGING BACK


China Glaze Crackles at Big Lots

Recently, my contact at Big Lots gave me the heads-up that there would soon be a large shipment of China Glaze Crackles landing at Big Lots locations across the country. Well, they've landed! Check it out:

from the Big Lots website

China Glaze Crackles are now at Big Lots for $1.80 each.

Keep reading for some reader sightings and more...

Reader Sonja spotted Crackles at her local


Gradient with Zoya Pepper and Maria Luisa

I already showed you my swatches of my picks of Zoya fall 2013 polishes and as I promised, I have some manicures to show you guys that I have done with the shades. Today I have a simple mani where I used two of those Zoya fall polishes.

So I used two coats of the gorgeous Pepper as my base color and after it was completely dry, I did the gradient look with Maria Luisa. I really liked how these two polishes looked together and I can't really get over the fact how gorgeous they both are (together and alone)!

Like I said, this was really a simple manicure, but I liked it very much! Nail art doesn'talways have to be to complicated to be really pretty! This mani made me love Maria Luisa even more, as I appreciate the fact that even when layered, the flakies stay really flat. It is truly an awesome topper and if you ask me, it's the gem of the Satin collection.

Misa BACKbone
Zoya Pepper 2 coats
Zoya Maria Luisa for the gradient
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

So tell me guys, did you like this combo as much as I did?

Information for my Finnish readers:
Zoyan lakkoja saa Suomesta ostettua kauneushoitoloista ja salongeista, joista löytyy lista täältä, sekä suoraan maahantuojalta sähköpostitse osoitteesta hintaan 15,50 euroa/kappale.

*The polishes in this post were originally sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.


Spotted: Sally Hansen Holiday 2013 Limited Edition Bling in the New Year Complete Salon Manicure Collection

UPDATED 10/10/13.

Huge thanks to Michelle over at All Lacquered Up for this one! Michelle spotted the Holiday 2013 CSM collection at her local Gaint Eagle last week and was nice enough to share lots of pics with us. Take a look!

image credit:

Sally Hansen Holiday Holiday 2013 Limited Edition

Bling in the New Year Complete Salon Manicure Collection

(retail: around $


September Wantable Box

Press Sample | Halloween Box  | Afiliate Link

September Wantable Box!
Hello Ladies! How are you today?

Today I have an wonderful box I was sent to review. The Wantable Box PR was kind enough to contact me and ask me If I could review this months box. Lets see what is inside, the real market value and the box value.

The Products:
Susan Poskick - Eyeshadow and Eyeliner - 26$
Laca & Co - Burrple - 11$
Lise Watier - Hydra Shine Lip Stain - Pink - 20$Bésame Classic Color Lipstick - Merlot - 22$
Mia Belezza Lipstick - Mulberry - 18.5$Eco Vie - Organic Body Oil Sample 0$

Total worth market price: 97.5$

Box price - 40$ / 1 month
36/month when subscribed


Bésame Classic Color Lipstick - Merlot - 22$
- Great Color, lasts a lot of hours, smells amazing!

LAQA & Co - Burrple - 11$
Swatch coming soon! 

Mia BeleZZa Lipstick - Mulberry - 18.5$
Light red, classic but elegant! Applies nicely and lasts. Great scent!

Lise Watier - Hydra Shine Lip Stain - Pink - 20$

Very light pink lip stain! Very discrete and easy to apply. 

Susan Poskick - Eyeshadow and Eyeliner - 26$
I loved the eyeshadow shade! The eyeliner has an amazing pigmentation. Great product.

LAQA & Co - Burple - 11$

In order: 1,2,3,4

1 - Lise Watier - Hydra Shine Lip Stain - Pink - 20$2- Bésame Classic Color Lipstick - Merlot - 22$
3- Mia Belezza Lipstick - Mulberry - 18.5$4- Susan Poskick - Eyeshadow and Eyeliner - 26$

Eco Vie - Organic Body Oil Sample 0$

Papers and details: