KBShimmer Winter 2013 Collection Swatches

Today I have my picks from the KBShimmer winter 2013 collection to share with you guys. KBShimmer is really one of my favourite brands and I thought this winter collection was pretty awesome. I ended up buying total of six polishes from the collection and I'm gonna show five of those to you today. I have quite a lot of pictures to share with you guys as these pretty polishes really deserve more than just one picture.

Green Hex and Glam is a green jelly with holographic hex glitter in various sizes. I just love love love KBShimmer I Got A Crush On Blue and since this is pretty much the green version of that same polish, I had high expectations for this one. Unfortunately, this didn't work for me in green like the blue one did. It's unquestionably a gorgeous polish and if you like green, I'm sure you'll love this one. I think I'm going to stick with my beloved blue one.

I used three coats here with base and top coat. This is a bit sheer because of the jelly base, but you can still easily build it up for full opacity. The formula was nice and easy to work with, though like with all large glitters, you'll need to fish a bit for those biggest ones.

I also wanted to see how Green Hex and Glam would look matte, so I applied a coat of matte top coat over it:
 I prefer the shiny version, but it did look quite interesting matte too.

Maybe Navy is a shimmering navy blue. Those shimmer flakes shine also in purple and in some lights pink. This reminds me a bit of KBShimmer fall collection polish called Teal Another Tail as there's maybe something similar in these two and that subtle duochrome effect they have. This has a great formula, I used two easy coats here, no base or top coat.

Myth You Lots is a really interesting one as it is a holographic multichrome. Unfortunately I didn't have any sunlight available to really capture the holo effect, but you can still see it a bit here too. Just keep in mind that it really is much stronger in real life. The multichrome shifts between purple, blue, red and more. It's really one of those polishes that you have to see your self! I used three easy coats here, no base or top coat. This one can also be layered over black or some other colors, I think I'll need to try that out next.

Snow Flaking Way was one of the two polishes from this collection that first seemed impossible to get as it was always sold out immediately. I finally managed to get it and I'm really glad I did. I was a bit worried that this wouldn't work for me as my nails are quite curved and those snowflake glitters are quite big, but it worked just fine. I used three coats here with a coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food (to even out those flakes) and a coat of top coat. Those snowflakes are quite large ones, so you'll need to fish for them a bit, but there's plenty of them in the bottle, so it's not impossible to get them on your nails. It also helps to turn the bottle upside down for a while before applying the polish.

I'm a big fan of circle glitter, so Will Yule Marry Me? seemed like a really interesting and unique polish to me. It's a really dusty navy blue with silver and holographic hex and circle glitter. It dries a tad darker on nail than it is in the bottle. I wish this would have been more towards a blue navy than what it is, as to me it looks pretty much like a dark grey one instead of the navy. Also, I would have probably liked it more if it wouldn't dry as dark as it does. It's still a really pretty one, but it wasn't my favourite. The formula with this one was pretty nice though I struggled a bit to get those little bit bigger circle glitters on nail. I used two coats here, no base or top coat.
My favourites from these were Myth You Lots and Snow Flaking Way, but the other three are also quite interesting and unique polishes too. There are actually quite many more unique ones in the KBShimmer winter collection! However, like I said in the beginning of this post, I got six polishes from this collection and to me the real star of the collection is the oh-so-gorgeous topper I Only Have Ice For You. I have used that one for quite many manicures already, for example here and here.

Which one was your favourite polish from the entire collection?

If you live in the US you can pick these up at KBShimmer.com, if not, then you'll need to do as I do and buy yours from Harlow & Co. I have bought all these polishes myself and I don't gain anything if you use the links, their here just to help you guys.


Tänään esittelyssä minun valintani KBShimmerin 2013 talvikokoelmasta. KBShimmer on yksi suosikkimerkeistäni ja tämä talvikokoelma oli mielestäni varsin onnistunut, joten päädyin ostamaan jopa kuusi lakkaa tästä kokoelmasta. Suosikeiksi viidestä tässä esitellystä nousivat Myth You Lots ja Snow Flaking Way. Tosin ehdoton suosikkini tästä talvikokoelmasta on upean kaunis topperi I Only Have Ice For You, jota olenkin käyttänyt jo useammassa lakkauksessa, esim. täällä ja täällä.

Mikä tämän talvikokoelman lakoista oli teidän suosikkinne?

KBShimmereitä voi tilata Harlow&Co:lta, josta itsekin omat KBShimmer lakkani aina hankin.