Nail-Art-A-Go-Go - Day 3 - Warm vs. Cool

Hi guys, and welcome to Day 3 of the NAGG challenge.  The prompt for today is Warm vs Cool.  This prompt can be interpreted many ways, as any colour can be warm or cool, but I decided to keep things really simple with a cool blue and a warmer pink.

The base for this mani is OPI - Get Your Number, and I stamped with Kleancolor Metallic Pink and MoYou - Back to the 80's 03.  I didn't add a glossy top coat until after the stamping, so I will have a set of textured pictures further down too.
I wasn't too impressed with GYN at first - this is my first OPI Liquid Sand, and I think I was expecting to be a lot more sparkly than it was without top coat, but after I stamped I started to like it a bit more.  I definitely prefer it glossy though, the glitter is gorgeous, and I really love how it shows through the stamping, making the metallic pink look sparkly too :)
That's not to say that I didn't like the textured version though!
Simple or not, this mani made me smile, and that's the whole reason I like nail art in the first place :D
How about you guys, do you like this, or is it not really for you?
Make sure you have a mosey on around the thumbnails today, there are some fabulous colourful mani's on there already, and it's only 10.30am while I'm typing this post up!