Nail-Art-A-Go-Go - Day 4 - Monochrome

 Hi guys, and welcome to Day 4 of the NAGG challenge.  The prompt for today is Monochrome.  I chose to go with shades of blue and some funky 80's stamping.  You'll probably find that a lot of my challenge mani's include stamping, but I have made an effort to chuck in some freehand stuff too for all the non-stampers out there.

The base for this mani is just 1 coat of Kleancolor - Metallic Sapphire, and the stamping was done with NYC Foil Explosion - Aqua Mystic, and MoYou London - Back to the 80's 03. I actually had to do this mani twice in the end, the first time around, my stamping came out great, but when I added my top coat, the base bled into the stamp really heavily, making it almost invisible.  I was going to just go with it, until I noticed that some nails had bled much more than others, so they were all different shades of blue, and a couple had just literally disappeared!  So, I took it all off, and tried again - this time, I used 2 layers of top coat over the base before stamping, and didn't top coat over the stamping.  I wouldn't normally do this, but since it was coming off the next day, I wasn't too fussed.
I was lucky with this one, I hadn't done anything fancy under the stamp, and my base only needed 1 coat, so all in all, it could have been so much worse.  I really liked this mani too, so I'm glad I was able to find a way around the bleeding issue.
I am serisouly loving this MoYou plate - the images are so random and funky, they're the sort of designs that just make me smile with their madness.  I didn't get a perfect transfer with this, but I think that was mostly to do with the way I was scraping.  I don't think it matters as much with an image like this though anyway, it doesn't follow any sort of set pattern, so it's not very noticeable if there are bits missing.  What do you think, could you live with it, or would it drive you barmy?