Happy New Year's Eve!

Just a quick post with my New Year's Eve manicure. Last year I wore silver as I had only GOSH Holographic on my nails, so this year I wanted to do something else than silver and I decided to go with black and gold.

I used Essence Berlin Story, Color Club Gingerbread and Milani Gold for this manicure. At least my boyfriend said something like wow, they are very New Year's Eve-ish, so I guess they are appropriate for the occasion. So that's all from me this year! :)

And again, Happy New Year's Eve to all!


My favourite manicures of 2011

Yesterday I had my picks for the best polishes of 2011 and today I wanted to show you some manicures that I did this year and that I particularly loved. I do have quite many of them, but I hope you all like this little recap of the year 2011. I again included the links to the original posts if you want to take closer look. So here we go, and again, these are in no particular order.

So there it was, all my favourite manicures of 2011. Which one was your favourite?

I might do another post today with my New Year's Eve manicure, but if I don't have time for that:

Happy New Year's Eve to everyone 

and I hope to see you all here again next year! :)


My favourite nail polishes of 2011

So of course I also wanted to do a post with my favourite nails of 2011. This time I tried to stick with polishes that were part of this year's collections or that were released during 2011. I'm also thinking about doing a post about my favourite manicures that I wore during this year, but that's tomorrows business.

I had to struggle a bit to narrow my list down, but in the end I ended up with 14 polishes. I know it would probably make more sense to have top 15 or so, but sometimes I just don't make sense... Lol. Well, the truth is that all these 14 polishes were really my favourites and I couldn't narrow it down more and on the other hand I didn't want to include one more just to get the number right. So without further ado, here's my top 14 polishes of 2011 and these are not in order from one to 14 or anything like that, because I just couldn't rank them that way. I also included the links to my posts about the polishes if you want to take better look.

China Glaze Ahoy! I really love pretty pink polishes and I was quite excited about this one when I first saw the promo pics. And this surely wasn't a disappointment on nail either. It's really pretty one and I will surely wear this many times in coming years too.

Jesse's Girl Glee. I really love the tv show Glee and this polish is also veeery pretty! I know it is a near dupe of many other polishes (Zoya Charla etc.), but I don't have any of those and I think this is a fine alternative, just because it was the easiest one for me to get. Original or not, the color is so pretty!

Misa Genie In This Bottle. As soon as I had the bottle of this in my hands I knew I would love it. It looks amazing in bottle and also on nail, so pretty, like fairy dust on your nails. It really got me thinking that I should get more polishes from this collection, but I still haven't got more, but maybe I really should.

China Glaze Papaya Punch. If someone forced me to choose just one favourite polish of 2011 I just might say it is this one. It is the very first orange polish that I ever got and it was pure love from the minute I painted my nails with it. It's so bright and fun, and it really got me into loving orange polishes.

Depend 218. This is again really pretty pink and I feel very comfortable wearing dark pinks like this. Also I really loved the quality of this polish, mainly because this was a one-coater! It's sometimes hard to find polishes that cover well and this certainly did that job well.

Nicole by OPI One Less Lonely Glitter. Eventhough I don't care about Justin Bieber, I really loved this glitter. It is my one and only Nicole by OPI polish and I was little hesitant of getting it just because of the Bieber thing, but I'm glad I did. It's purple and it's glitter so it is really no surprise that I love it!

China Glaze Trendsetter. This one is probably one of those colors that you either love or hate and I happen to love it. I was little bit unsure if I would like it, but I decided to get it and it really looked so good on nail. Can't wait to wear it again!

Zoya Faye. I only got my first Zoyas this year and it has become one of my favourite brands, though they are still a bit hard to get here in Finland. I really loved everyone's swatches of Faye and decided to get it eventhough I was a bit unsure if I would like it because of the golden shimmer that sometimes doesn't really work with my skintone. But as you can figure I really loved the color and the quality.

China Glaze Skyscraper. I always say that me and blue polishes don't really go well together and still there are some in my top 14, lol. But this is really amazing color and I felt really comfortable wearing it. As you can probably figure out from this list and from my blog that I really love anything glitter, so again it wasn't so big surprise that I loved this one too, blue or not.

Misa Grey Matters. Grey isn't probably one of the most exciting polish colors, but I think Misa really hit a home run with this one. The black shimmer makes this polish so interesting and very unique at least for me. I think I'll be wearing this again very soon...

OPI Grape...Set...Match. My top list wouldn't be complete without a really pretty purple, would it... I really don't like the name of this polish, but at least the color is amazing. It was really a must have for a purple lover like me and I was really glad when I finally managed to get it.

Color Club Sugarplum Fairy. Color Club had a really nice glitter collection for this year's holidays and this one was by far my favourite one. Again, it is glitter and I looove glitters, but it also has hlographic glitter in it, which makes it even more prettier. If Genie In This Bottle was fairy dust on nails this is probably some kind of fairy glitter then, lol.

Models Own Pinky Brown. Like many other nail polish bloggers I was also excited about Models Own Beetlejuice collection. Pinky Brown was the one I thought I would probably like the most and I was right, as it is sooo pretty color and has that nice duochrome effect. It also makes up a bit the fact that I dont own Mac's Bad Fairy, eventhough I know these are anywhere near dupes.

Essence Blue Addicted. Last but not least I have another blue glitter on my list. I thought Essence did nice job with their new colors and this one was quite amazing one. I haven't worn this as a full manicure yet as I only did swatches of it, so I can't wait to do that soon!

So here it was, my top 14 polishes of 2011. What did you all think? Would you pick any of those that I did or which were your favourite polishes of 2011? I have really enjoyed reading other bloggers top list and hope to see even more!


Kiko #278 Violet Orchid Microglitter

This one is also from the vault, because with the challenge and all that I just haven't had a chance to post it.

This is Kiko number 278 and it's called Violet Orchid Microglitter (or at least the website says so as they don't have names on the bottle). I have three coats here with base and top coat. I really like the quality of Kiko polishes and sure wish they were available here in Finland too. They have so many nice colors and the prize is surely right. It's probably no surprise that I really liked this one too as it is a pretty purple one. It's not very unique, but still it is so nice. I got this one when I was in Rome with my mom in the end of the summer. I wish I had gotten more of Kiko polishes, but as my mom was with me, I didn't want to go crazy with my polish shopping, lol.


China Glaze Midtown Magic & Nfu Oh 59

I've had these pics sitting on my folder for few months now, but never get to post about these, because of the challenge and all. Now I thought I should really post these, because I did like this combo.

So here I have one generous coat of Nfu Oh number 59 over two coats of China Glaze Midtown Magic. I think those flakies look really good over MM but I think this isn't probably my favourite Nfu Oh polish out there. At least for the prize they come and all. It's pretty and all, but somehow something is missing, at least for me. But like I said, I did like this combo, but maybe it says something that I'm only posting it now...

Midtown Magic is also pretty on its own. Those little shimmer flecks make it more interesting and I quite like the color, even though I was afraid it might be too brown for me. It probably isn't the most interesting polish out there, but it's a pretty one and suits well to a fall collection. It was also pretty nice quality, though a bit on the thick side, but nothing that can't be handeled.


One week of glitters - day seven

It's the last day of my one week of glitters, hope you all have enjoyed it! I still have one polish left to show you from those that I got from the China Glaze Eye Candy collection.

This one is called Material Girl and I have three coats here. This is probably my favourite from the collection along with Some Like It Haute. I also love the name of this polish! It is really pretty and for sure really girly. I should have been more patient and waited more between the coats, but I was in a bit hurry. Nonetheless I really like this one and will definately wear it again.
So, I hope you enjoyed my week of glitters! Please let me know which one of those polishes that I showed you was your favourite in the comment section. :)


One week of glitters - day six

It's day six of my one week of glitters and it's time for a glitter by OPI. OPI has done some amazing glitters in the past, but this one is from their recent Muppets inspired collection.

So this is called Rainbow Connection and I have one coat here over two coats of China Glaze Frosty. This is the only glitter polish that I got from this OPI collection, just because when I saw that the glitters weren't very opaque, I wasn't too fond of them. But this one is surely pretty and I think it's best by layered over some other polish. If you'd use only this, you'd have to use several coats and I think it would just be too much glitter and colors on your nails.. But with one or two coats over some other polish, it sure is pretty, like little party on my nails. :)


One week of glitters - day five

It's day five of my one week of glitters and I have yet another polish from that China Glaze Eye Candy collection for you.

This one is called Blode Bombshell and I have three coats here, no base or top coat. I did enjoy this more than Marry a Millionaire, which I showed you yesterday. Eventhoug gold isn't my favourite color of polish, I thought this was quite pretty one. It was also fairly opaque with three coats and it is also very suitable polish for the holidays.. Though I have to say that if I have to pick between the two gold glitter polishes that I got from this year holiday collections, then Color Club Gingerbread would be my favourite. Maybe it's because of that holographic glitter that I've talked about..


One week of glitters - day four

It's day four of my one week of glitters and today I have another glitter polish from the China Glaze Holiday 2011 collection for you.

This one is called Marry a Millionaire and I have three coats here. I should have done a fourth one as there is still some bald spots, but I just wasn't feeling like doing another coat. Probably it was because like yesterdays polish this didn't do much for me. I really though I would like this one a lot, but I really didn't. I like the idea of bar glitters, because they are more rare, but somehow those bars weren't so visible on nail and it all looked like somekind of dirty purple mess. So yeah, I really didn't like it. It looks great on bottle though.. Maybe I need to also layer this over some other polish to see if I'd like it more like that..


One week of glitters - day three

It's day three of my one week of glitters and today I have the last of those four polishes that I got from Color Club's 2011 Holiday collection called Beyond the Mistletoe.

So this is called Jingle Jangle and I have so many coats here that I lost the count and there's still some visible bald spots. Well, it does look nicer from distance, but this surely wasn't my favourite. While I have really loved the other three Color Club glitters that I got from this collection, Jingle Jangle just didn't deliver for me. Maybe I should have tried it over some base color and I would have probably liked it better that way, but this feels a bit flat to me. Maybe it's because there's no holographic glitter in here like in the rest of the polishes in this collection.. Well, it's safe to say that this surely wasn't my favourite and I might try it over some other polish to see if I like it more that way, but if not, I doubt I'd wear it again.


One week of glitters - day two

So it's day two of the one week of glitters and I have a pretty blue one for you today.

This is Blue Addicted by Essence from their recent additions to the Color & Go line. I have three coats here with no base or top coat. Even though this is a blue polish, I have to say that I really loved this one. It is sooo pretty and the jelly base gives those glitters some nice depth when you use multiple layers. It was for some reason quite hard to get desent photo of this, so this is the only one I got. Sorry about that! But if you have access to Essence polishes, I think this is one you should really consider. After all, these are really great value for their prize!


One week of glitters - day one

I'm hopefully right now in an airplane on my way to Dubai and I wanted to come up with something nice for you guys to read while I'm gone. I was searching trough my untried stash and noticed that I had quite many glitter that I haven't yet shown you. All of them are also from recent collections or such, so I really wanted to show them to you, so I decided do to this post series of one week of glitters. Glitters are one of my favourite type of polishes, even though the removal is usually just pain in the ass, lol. And I don't know any other type of polishes that would be more suitable for the holidays too...

Anywho, while I'm enjoying the sun, you all can see some glitters for each day of the week. Well, I know it's Tuesday today, so my glitter week will start today and run till Monday. It's a bit silly to do this in that way, but I had to post my last challenge mani yesterday, so today is the start of the glitter week. Hope you all enjoy it, 'cause it starts now!

So the one week of glitters starts with one really amazing glitter by China Glaze called Some Like It Haute. This is from their Eye Candy Collection for Holiday 2011. I have three coats here, with base and top coat. I really love this one, it's a nice color and the holographic glitters really make it even better. As I've said before, I'm quite easy to please with holographic glitter, lol. I quite like the name of this polish too, I think it's cute. This was a bit thick and had the tendency to create some lumps and bald spots, so I think you should really wait in between those coats to avoid that. Other than that, I think this is a really pretty one and quite unique too..

Also, keep in mind that I won't be here to answer to your comments, but I hope you still leave some comments, because I will answer them when I get back and it's always nice to have some lovely comments! :)


Day 31: Re-create your favourite challenge

So it's finally the end of the challenge for me! Today's task was a bit vague for me, but then I decided to done day 10 task of gradient nails with different twist. I've been seeing some great ombre manis lately and at least Sannu at SanNails and Deniz at Emerald Sparkled did some ombre nails for the day 10 of the challenge. So I wanted to also give it a try and desided to do a purple ombre, mainly because I have many purple polishes in my stash and I thought it would be most easy to find purples that would match for the mani. Well, even though I have so many purples it wasn't easy to find those perfect polishes for the ombre mani.. Anywho, here's my take on it:

Beginning from my pinky I used Nubar Toga Purple, OPI Pamplona Purple, Zoya Perrie and Orly Lollipop, each polish is two coats, no base or top coat. I think this is really a fun look and easy way to make more interesting mani than just the regular one with one color. Though you need to have quite many polishes in your stash to achieve that ombre look, at least I struggled a bit in finding the right polishes and when I was done with the mani, I thought I should have done even better job choosing those colors...

But that's it! The challenge is now over, just in time before I need to leave for my vacation. I had really great time with this and I also tried some things I think I might have not tried if there wasn't this challenge. So I have to say that I'm really glad I did this. I also have enjoyed very much seeing other bloggers do this challenge too. So if you're doing it or maybe just starting it, please let me know in the comments! :) I hope that you didn't get too bored because it took me quite long to finish this.. Now I just have to figure out how to paint my nails without someone telling me what to do, lol.