#Music of the Week - Damon and Elena - All I Need - Miss Mystic Falls

I figured it was more than appropriate since I've been obsessing with this music all week and I've been re-watching all the complete seasons of The Vampire Diaries

I've been seeing this series since it first came out and I have ALWAYS been on team Damon.
Well... well...

anyway... here it is! Happy Valentines Day

Spotted: Lord & Berry at CVS!

Lord & Berry at CVS?!?! That's exactly what I said when I received this sighting from reader Jenny (@jennnyiam on Instagram) the other day. For those who haven't heard of Lord & Berry, it's a popular and affordable European beauty brand that, according to their Facebook page, is based just outside of Milan, Italy. Up until now, US fans could only get their products through ASOS, BeautyBar and