Saturday Spotlight - Rimmel:Space Dust Total Eclipse & Moonwalking

 Hi guys, in this week's Spotlight post I have 2 of the textured Space Dust line by Rimmel to show you.  I'm really pleased that quite a few of the budget brands have jumped on the textured glitter bandwagon, I have really fallen for texture recently.
*Warning, this is a very picture-heavy post :)

This is Total Eclipse, 3 coats, no undies, and no top coat.  It is a black base with lots of green sparkle, and in the bottle the shimmer flashes to purple a lot.  It's not very visible in this picture, but I do have a macro shot, plus glossy pictures, to see if we can get it to show up :)

 With top coat, this is quite a different polish.  In it's unmolested state, it looks like a very dark green overall, but add a bit of gloss, and it becomes a dark glossy back with lots of green sparkle.  I love this polish with and without top coat equally, I refuse to pick a favourite :)

 And to answer the big money question, yes, you can just about see the duochrome sparkle, but only at extreme angles.  I am hoping to swatch this again in the summer though, I'm interested to see if a bit of sunshine will make any difference.

 The other one I have to show you is Moon Walking, which is a super sparkly lilac texture, with silver micro and hex glitters.  This is 2 coats, no undies, no top coat.  I'm afraid I didn't get any photos with top coat for this shade, I loved it too much in it's textured state to wear it like that.

 The formula for both of these shades was really easy to work with.  They required minimal clean-up, dried reasonably quickly, and covered evenly in 2 or 3 coats.  I actually have 2 other shades from this line, and really like them too, but that's for another Spotlight post.
What do you guys think of these polishes, yay or nay?  Do you have any of the Rimmel textures yourself? 

You can get the Rimmel Space Dust range from Boots and Superdrug, online and in-store, they cost £3.99.