New from IsaDora and Sally Hansen plus a little haul from BeautyJoint

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It's still quite cold and wintry here, but yet there seems to be growing number of spring colors making their way to the stores already. I just got some new spring polishes from IsaDora and Sally Hansen for review and since I haven't seen yet seen too much of either of these around, I thought I'd share some bottle pictures with you guys. Also, I included a little haul that I made from BeautyJoint at the end of this post. But first, let's start with those IsaDora polishes.

So these five polishes from IsaDora's spring collection called Ray Of Light are (from left to right): Dragonfly (777), Halo (778), Glorious (779), Opaline (780) and Ray Of Light (781).

The colors are really delicate and springlike pastels. IsaDora describes these as glowing iridescent, light pastel shades that contain exclusive luminous pigments. These do have a gorgeous shine and glimmer in them, but the do look a bit pearly in the bottles, so we'll see how they will look on nail. I will do swatches of all of these as soon as possible.
Dragonfly and Halo look bretty similar in the bottle. I'd say Dragonfly has more like a very light green base whereas Halo is white base with some pink hues.

Glorious is described as mix of champagne and peach, again quite soft shade as all of these. Opaline is soft light pink and Ray Of Light is leaning towards very light purple.

I'm really interested to see how these all will look on nail and how those luminous pigments will come to life.

I also received six Sally Hansen Satin Glam polishes to try. There are total of eight polishes in this line, so I have all but Metal Iced and Sun Sheen.
These dry on nail to a satin finish, which basically means that they have that matte finish with a lot of shimmer. These are from left to right: Go Gold (01), Crystalline (02), Chic Pink (05), Teal Tulle (06), Taffeta (07) and Silk Onyx (08). I'm really eager to see how these will look on nail as you can't really tell that based on the bottles only. I'll swatch these too as soon as possible.

Judging from the bottles I'd say Go Gold, Crystalline and Silk Onyx might be the ones that I would like the most, but we'll see how these look on nail!

Like I said, I also made a little haul from This was my first time bying anything from there and based on this one order, I'd say that I was quite impressed by the place. My package arrived really quickly, I don't think I've ever gotten a parcel quicker from the US. Also the shipping costs were very reasonable, you can pay using Paypal and they sell some brands that may be harder to buy here (like Milani or L.A. Girl).

I bought the two polishes I really wanted from China Glaze Sea Goddess collection: Wish On A Starfish and Seahorsin' Around.

These both look so gorgeous in the bottle, I can't wait to try them out!

I also wanted for a while to get some of those L.A. Girl Splatter polishes, so I included three of those to my order.
These are called Splash, Splat and Spatter. Those names are really confusing, it's impossible to remember which one is which! But other than that these look really awesome! I just have to figure out some neat colors to use these with.


Sain IsaDoran ja Sally Hansenin maahantuojalta eilen postissa molempien sarjojen kevätuutuuksia ja ajattelin näyttää teille hieman pullokuvia ennen kuin saan kunnolliset swatchit tehtyä näistä kaikista lakoista.

IsaDoran Ray Of Light kevätkokoelmaan kuulu viisi valoa hehkuvaa pastellisävyä: Dragonfly (777), Halo (778), Glorious (779), Opaline (780) and Ray Of Light (781). Kuvauksen mukaan lakat sisältävät valoa heijastavia pigmenttejä, ja ne kyllä näyttävät varsin kimmeltäviltä jo pullossa. Odotan mielenkiinnolla sitä, miltä ne näyttävät kynnellä!

Sally Hansenin Satin Glam kokoelmaan kuulu yhteensä kahdeksan lakkaa, joista sain testiin kuusi sävyä: Go Gold (01), Crystalline (02), Chic Pink (05), Teal Tulle (06), Taffeta (07) and Silk Onyx (08). Pullojen perusteella Go Gold, Crystalline ja Silk Onyx näyttävät ehkä kaikkien houkuttelivimmilta, mutta saapa nähdä miltä nämäkin kaikki näyttävät sitten kynnellä!

Lisäksi tein vastikää ensimmäisen tilaukseni BeautyJoint.comiin. Tilaus tuli Amerikasta alle viikossa, en ole varmaan koskaan saanut pakettia sieltä näin nopeasti! Lisäksi postikulut olivat ihan kohtuulliset, kaupassa voi maksaa Paypalilla ja myynnissä on sellaisiakin merkkejä, joita ei ihan joka paikasta löydy (esim. Milani ja L.A. Girl). Omaan tilaukseeni otin kaksi lakkaa China Glazen Sea Goddess kokoelmasta ja kolme L.A. Girlin Splatter glitteriä.

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