I Love Nail Polish - Birefringence

 Hi guys! Yesterday, I promised you something pretty, and since I don't like to disappoint, I figured it would be the perfect time to post my swatches of I Love Nail Polish -Birefringence.  No doubt most of you have already seen this polish a few times already, but hopefully you don't mind seeing it again :) If, by some chance, this polish has not yet graced your screen, I will advise you to take a seat before we jump in to the rest of the photos.  (There's a LOT of them! )

Birefringence is a multi-chrome shifter that shifts through blue, purple, pink/red, oranges, yellows, with a hint of greens at extreme angles.  In these photos, I am wearing 2 coats over a black base on all but my ring finger which is 3 coats, no undies.  As you will see, the black base is not necessary, but I wanted to smooth out the surface of my nail anyway, so I figured I might as well use black.
I have a slight bump on my ring finger, and you will see that it does affect the shift a little bit, so I would advise using a ridge filler or cream polish underneath if your nails are not very smooth.
Since I have so many photos of this, I'm going to shut up, and just let them do the talking :)
OK, maybe that was a little excessive, but I promise, I deleted loads more than these.  It's just so pretty! I purchased this directly from the ILNP website here.  I bought this and the holo version of Cygnus Loop as a Christmas gift to myself, and including shipping to the UK, I think I paid roughly around £24.  You guys know that I don't often spend that much on a bottle of polish, but I feel it was worth every single penny, and I'm so glad I decided to go for it :D

PS. that little bump in my ring finger got me wondering what would happen if you layered this over a textured polish, so I did a little experiment later that day.  As this post is already huge, I will be posting the results later today.