Post-Christmas Haul

Hi guys, today's haul post is a pretty epic one, since the last one was on 14th Nov, and I had a pretty nice Boxing Day shopping trip with my Xmas money/vouchers to boot.  Naturally, this means a picture heavy post - don't say I didn't warn you :D

So, let's start with UK Indies, we have 4 A-Englands - Briar Rose, Rose Bower, Perceval and Bridal Veil.

 Tara's Talons - Resolution, Party time, Heads will roll, and Indy's Indies - Rocket.

Indy's Indies - Elf Love, Crushed Candy Cane (which I won in a giveaway), and Tinsel; Dragonglass Nails - a custom that Georgina kindly made up for me, and Animal.  And the Tara's Talons mini is 2014 - expect swatches soon, it's gorgeous!

Magic Goose - Dreaming of Snow, Wrap it up, and Persephone.  I managed to snag these babies for just £4 each in the sale!

This was a grab bag of stamping suitable normal polish that I bought from fellow blogger and all-round super woman, Debbie, aka The Crumpet.  W7 - Gold Mirror which you've seen in a few manis already, Kleancolor Metallic Green, and Metallic Sapphire (which was on my wishlist) and L.A Girls Metal - Iron Red.

4 Shades polishes that my mum found in our local chemist for just 99p each - expect to see them in a Spotlight post in the not too distant future.  L-R we have, Sky at Night, Vampire, Pink Rose and Blue Lagoon.

 White Konad, High Maintenance Colour 41, this is a lot more pinky in real life, which is a shame, as I was looking for a neon purple.  It cost me about £1.50 from ebay, so it's no huge loss, and I got my neon purple in the end too, as you'll see in a minute.  The Rimmel I picked up from Fragrance Direct in my hunt for the perfect nude.

Some essentials, 2 of the coveted Duri Rejuvacote (yes, I'm switching from Nail Envy, and yes, I'm a little apprehensive to say the least, even though by most accounts, it's the better of the 2) and 2 bottles of Gelous to help smooth out those bigger glitters that I love so much.

 My brother kindly picked me up a white Sinful Colors on his way home from uni, it was supposed to be Snow me White, but someone had put Tokyo Pearl back in it's place so it's that instead.  He did get me Snow me White the other day though as well, bless him, as he knew I wanted it.  There were none left on Boxing Day when I dragged him and the Mr. around town, and he remembered!  How sweet is my brother - he's friggin' awesome!!!  Also some more Seche Restore - I was running dangerously low on this, but refuse to pay UK prices when it's so much cheaper from ebay US, so had to wait a couple of weeks.

Also, some caviar beads my wonderful mum bought for me - I have never used these before, but some of the colour combos in here are amazing so I'm looking forward to trying them.

Color Club - Miss Robinson is exactly the neon purple I wanted, and the pink, Raspberry Rush, is the same colour as my fave hair dye, manic panic - hot hot pink, as well as smelling lovely.  Then we have Zoya - Aurora which is just amazing!

Aurora was a major lemming of mine, and so were all four of these babies.  L-R: Colour Club - Eternal Beauty, ILNP - Birefringence and Cygnus Loop Holo, and Zoya Blaze.  I have no words......these are all everything I hoped they would be :D

Here's a closer look, just in case you weren't already drooling!

And finally, this is what I grabbed in town on Boxing Day.  Can you believe I only went to 4 shops, and was out in under the hour!  That has to be a personal best.

Some scented Revlon's that I picked up for £9.99 for all 3 in TKMaxx.  They are Mad about Mango, Bubblegum and Passion Fruit.

Jess glitters from Poundland, L-R: Party Girl, Celebration, Rock Chick and Oxygen.

I also found some Revlon Chroma Chameleon's in Poundland, L-R: Cobalt, Aquamarine and Pink Quartz.

Barry M's - Gold and Silver Foil back-ups, Espresso, and Vanilla.

Teal, Indigo and Pomegranate, plus a free glitter I got in Boots.

5 Sinful Colors - Cinderella, Cream Pink, Nail Junkie, Verbena and Black on Black.

3 more textures, Seventeen - Diamond in the Rough (which is like the Barry M sequins kind of texture, but with silver holo glitter), Rimmel Space Dust - Shooting Star, and Seventeen - Celestial Pearl.

A few NYC's: Aqua Mystic, Rock Muse and Enchanting Fire.  Plus another long-time lemming, L'Oreal Confetti.  I put off buying this for ages, as it's £5 for 5ml, which is rubbish value, but what the hey, it was Christmas!

Then we have a few more MoYou plates (of course)  I apologise in advance for the photos - you can see my camera and/or hand in every photo - sorry!

Phew! That was a lot, but I think it's going to be a while before I have another one that big - I've had to add another spice rack to my wall, which is already overflowing!  I am actually waiting on 3 more parcels, one of which contains another Zoya and my first 2 OPI's, but they will have to go in the next haul post - at least I'll have something to put in it, I may have to put myself on a no-buy this month. :(

Is there anything you are dying to see swatches of?  If so, let me know, as I'm struggling to pick when it comes to swatching 1 or 2 of them, I honestly don't know where to start!