2013 Review and 2014 Bucket List

Hi guys, today I will be doing a little post looking back on 2013, and setting myself and my blog a few goals for 2014.  Since my blog was only started near the end of the year, I considered not doing the 2013 review, but I have learnt so much in such a short space of time, and I figured I could just chuck it in with my Bucket List so it's not too short.

So lets start with last year:
I started my blog 'at the end of August' (which is also my fave 36 crazyfists song btw), with this post:
The nice kind of swirly!
Look at my nubbins, weren't they cute!
At first, my posting was quite sporadic, until I embarked upon the Crumpets Nail Tarts 33 Day Challenge at the end of September.
This pushed me to do at least 3 nail art mani's a week, and got me to try things I would never have normally attempted, many of which I was very pleased with. Here are some of my fave mani's from the challenge:

And here are some of my favourite mani's from outside the challenge.

Then, the 2 biggest highlights for me personally, both come in the form of guest posts. 
I was really lucky in October, and got the chance to guest post for the wonderful Kerrie, from Pish Posh and Polish. 

 Click here to see the post on Kerrie's blog.

Then, later in December, I was very lucky again, and got the chance to be a part of The Crumpet's British Blogging Christmas.
Click here to see the post.
I am so grateful to Debbie and Kerrie for this, it was wonderful of them to give me these opportunities, and I was so amazed that I got the chance so early in my 'blogging life'.  Honestly ladies, you both rock, and I owe you both a lot - Thank you!

One more highlight of this year seemed very obvious to me as I was digging through the archives for these photos.............my nails!  For the first time in my life, I have real, long nails.  I started using OPI - Nail Envy after hearing so many good reviews, and it has done wonders for the strength of my nails.  I have very recently switched to Duri Rejuvacote though, so I will be reporting back on that a few months from now to let you know how that's working for me :)

So, that was (albeit a very short one) last year summed up, what's in store for next year......

The Bucket List

I have taken a leaf from Debbie Crumpet's book, and decided to put together a little list of goals for my blog in 2014.  There's not really anything major in here, but it will be interesting to look back in a year and see if I have achieved all (or indeed any) of them.

- Keep posts to no more than 5 per week.  I like posting regularly, but recently I have lost all balance between blogging and the rest of my life, so it will be good to have a couple of nights a week where I just relax with the Mr.

- Hold a giveaway at 100 followers on Bloglovin'.  This may be happening quite soon, I am on 88 at the moment - I guess I had better start deciding what the prize will be ;)

- Improve my blog layout - I want my blog to be cleaner and simpler, and maybe a bit easier to navigate.  I have learnt a lot since I started, so am looking forward to what I can learn in the next year in regards to coding etc.

- Keep pushing myself to try new techniques, and perfect things I have only attempted once or twice before. I did a lot of this last year, so am hopeful that I will keep up well with this goal.

- Continue to explore and promote UK Indies.  The UK Indie scene has really exploded this year, and I for one am chuffed!  This goal involves buying and wearing amazing polishes - don't think this will be difficult at all :D

- Put together some tutorials for you guys.  I would love to know if there's anything in particular that you would like to see a tutorial for - I really don't know what design to do first :/

- Test all the polishes in my stash that I think may work for stamping - this should be do-able, so long as I can control my buying habits a little more!

 - Which brings me to my next goal, buy a little less polish.  I think you will agree with me when you see my next haul post :)

- Continue to bring you guys swatches of budget polishes that are hard to find in a google search, and showcase them all; the good, the bad, and the downright munters!

- Take part in Missy from Gnarly Gnails' Nail Art A-Go-Go challenge in February.  It looks kinda hard, and is 28 days straight, but I have ideas for 14 of the prompts already, so I may just dive into this, and do as much as I can.  I am a little scared, but the 33 day challenge seemed intimidating at first too so I'm trying not to worry about it :)

- Take part in the Tri-Polish Challenge that's running through The Crumpet's Nail Tarts group when I can.

- Improve my swatches and photos wherever possible.  This is an on-going goal of mine, and so far, they have got much better.  I also got my daylight bulb yesterday - hello colour accurate photo's,  nice to meet you!

What do you guys think of these goals, I would love some feedback about them.  Also, what would you guys like to see on here in 2014 - is there anything you would like to see more or less of on this blog?  After all, I create the content for you to read, so your opinions are extremely important.

Thanks for being here with me for the beginning of my journey into nail blogging, your support has been invaluable, and I have been blown away by how kind you have all been.  Your comments have cheered me up on some really horrid days, and I have enjoyed sharing with you more than I ever thought I could - I love you guys!