Shimmer Polish - Karen

Hi guys, today I have a gorgeous swatch of Shimmer Polish - Karen to share with you.  This was the base for this mani from the 33 day challenge, and has been sitting in my un-posted folder for ages, so I thought it was about time it got it's turn in the spotlight!  Karen is a stunning mix of lavender pink and purple glitter, with lots of other colours in small amounts.  I won't try to name them all, as there are way too many.  Cindy is a genius at complex glitter mixes, and always seems to know what colours really work together, but I don't think I could ever name every single type of glitter in any of her polishes :)

You have probably noticed that this is in a Barry M bottle - I bought this on Facebook ages ago, but when it arrived, the neck had broken off the bottle, as it wasn't wrapped very well.  I managed to save almost enough to fill this bottle though, so all was not completely lost. 
 These pictures are 2 coats over Rimmel Lycra Pro - Ultra Violet, with SV top coat.  I am very much in love with all of the Shimmer Polishes I own, and Karen is no exception.
  What do you guys think of this polish?  Do you like it?
You can buy Shimmer Polish on Etsy here and follow her on Facebook here.  Cindy also has a lovely blog where you can see swatches of her polishes here.