Candy Canes with A-England.

Hi guys, I'm back today with some festive nail art to show you.  The base for this mani is A-England - Perceval, and boy is he a stunner!  I was pretty sure I took photos of this before stamping over it, but since I can't find them anywhere, I must have forgotten. I don't mind though, it just gives me a reason to put it on again!

I finally got around to buying a white Konad polish last week, which just so happened to arrive on the same day as 2 MoYou London plates from the festive collection.  With Perceval sitting in my untried box, it would have been rude of me not to do some Candy Cane nail art.
This image is from Festive Collection 03, which is the larger size images that MoYou offer.  I have been going for the smaller images the whole time I have been buying stamping plates, but my nails have grown so long now that a lot of my plates are too small.  I can't bring myself to file them down yet though, they've never grown this long before, and I really like them.  I'll probably have to do it eventually though, I have already had to patch my index finger with a tea bag!
I don't really know how I managed for so long without a white stamping polish, but I'm really glad I picked this up.  Best thing is, I found it on ebay here for just £3.90 with free postage.  Makes me wonder why I took so long to buy it  :)