Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

As I told you before, I had a quite nice one week vacation just couple weeks ago and I thought it would be nice to share at least something about that trip with you guys too. So, I was in Tenerife, in Puerto de la Cruz mainly because the Canary Islands were pretty much the only warm and easily available choice and we wanted to go somewhere where we could see the sun as it had been so dark and grey here in Finland for quite a while. Unfortunately, it was quite cloudy the whole time we where there (it can be that way quite often in the north of the island) but we still got some sun and at least it was warm the whole time! Also, I've never been to any of those Canary Islands before so it was about time to visit one!

Heads up: there's going to be some toes included in this post!

My vacation consisted... 
...some amazing views

 ...some gorgeous flora (this one is Strelitzia)

...and fauna

 ...more amazing views (this is Los Gigantes)

...sun and relaxing

 ...a fish pedicure

 ...and even more gorgeous views.

So overall I had great time and I got to relax a bit which was the most important thing!

Oh, and I almost forget, here's my vacation mani:
I simply just wore Catherine Arley #668 as it is a perfect nude holographic, easy mani for a vacation! Also, I didn't buy any nail polish, can you believe that! I just pretty much focused on the relaxing side... I saw some Essie, OPI, Essence and even some China Glaze polishes there, but somehow I didn't find anything too interesting. Well, that wasn't really the point of this trip either, so like I said, I was really pleased with my little vacation!


Ajattelin jakaa teille muutamia kuvia parin viikon takaiselta matkaltani. Käytiin siis moikkaamassa aurinkoa Teneriffalla, Puerto de la Cruzissa ja matka oli varsin mukava, vaikka se aurinko ei nyt niin hirveästi näyttäytynytkään. Lämmintä kuitenkin oli ja tuli viimein vierailtua myös Kanarian saarilla!