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Weekly Roundup

Happy Sunday!

This week on the blog, what happened?!

*L* Lumina Lacquer [Indie Guide Project]

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MI-NY: #56 KLIMT (on it's own and used for nail art/ layering)

Hello everyone!

MI-NY: Klimt

MI-NY: KLIMT is a pastel turquoise cream nail polish. It's a 1- 2 coater, and very easy to work with. The color is a little bit greener than on my photos. I bought Klimt in February, and have already used it several times. So now I want to show you what it looks like on it's own, and used for nail art. And I'll try to update this post when I use Klimt for nail art or layering in the future. This first photo was one of my entries to MI-NY' swatch competition called WE LOVE NAILS.

MI-NY: Klimt

I swatched some of my MI-NY polishes, but didn't get time to swatch all of them. I had planned to write blog posts about them too, but haven't had time or been sick...

MI-NY: Klimt

Color comparison

I called the color pastel turquoise, but some would perhaps call it blue-green or pastel teal. As I mentioned Klimt looks a litte more green and less blue than on these photos. Compared to my other polishes in this color family, Klimt is like a pastel version of H&M "Bella's Choice". Klimt is more pastel than Picture Polish "Honey Dew", but "Honey Dew" is a little more green. H&M "Mint Madness" looks like a dusty pastel green, and not turquoise at all, compared to Klimt.

MI-NY: Klimt

MI-NY: #56 Klimt used for nail art or layering:

1) One of the last challenges in the Sat- ART- Day Club, back in February, was "Dotting tools". This was my entry for MI-NY's nail art contest called "WE LOVE NAIL ART", but I didn't win. Details about the mani and more photos in the blog post.

Klimt used for nail art

2) This was made for World Ovarian Cancer Day. The first photos are taken before adding the flakie top coat. I don't think I've shared the first two photos before. Details and more photos in the blog post.

Klimt used for nail art

Klimt used for nail art

Klimt used for nail art

Klimt used for nail art
 With the flakie:

Klimt used for nail art

3) MI-NY's flakie "I LOVE LONDON" layered over Klimt and other polishes. This was an attempt to show what the flakie looks like over different colors. I made it for MI-NY's swatch contest; "WE LOVE NAILS".

MI- NY: "I Love London" layered over Klimt

4. Love is Love - Pastel Rainbow Hearts- Valentines Day nails #8, NPC's Valentine's Day Nail Art Challenge, and #31Nails2014 Day 19 Rainbow

As I've said before, MI-NY is an Italian brand, and according to their answer on facebook they do not test their products on animals. Their web site has a list of MI-NY stores.



Rings and Tings - Jewelry Review

Morning People!!

Jewelry Day!
Today I have another piece by Rings & Tings!
This is a two winged ring !

Quite unique, in a dark bronze shade! loved it.

Do you like the ring?! Have you ever visited Rings and Tings!?
If you don't, you can see the website here!

See you tomorrow!


*L* Lumina Lacquer [Indie Guide Project]

Hi Girls & Boys!
I'm so happy to be back with another Indie Brand !
Today I'm presenting you Tatiana, the maker of Lumina Lacquers ! 

Olá meninas & Meninos !!
Estou super feliz por hoje vos trazer mais uma marca Indie !
Hoje Apresento-vos a Tatiana, criadora dos Lumina Lacquers !!!!

* * *
For those who don't know what I am talking about (Follow me through Facebook to know a lot more!) I am making an Indie Guide A-Z! This will be a huge project and a enormous pleasure to do! So .. what am I going to do? Everyday, I'm going to show you a different brand of Indie Nail Polishes (and some of their major stockists too!! )
* * *

Your Name: Tatiana

Brand Name: Lumina Lacquer

Where are you from? California

When have you started? July 2012, officially. Unofficially, earlier in the same year.

Is there a story behind the name of your brand? It took me a long time to come up with it, I wanted something that had to do with light, shine, or shimmer. 

How many polishes/collections have you created? 4 collections and plenty of stand alone Limited Editions.

Is there a special polish/collection? Why? The one that means the most to me is my Blinded By Love Collection, since I'm such a huge fan of the band Third Eye Blind. All of the polish names in the collection are Third Eye Blind songs.

Were you a polish addict before starting making polishes? Oh yes, most definitely. The brand that really brought me deep into nail world is the fabulous Lynnderella.

Did you have a blog before making polishes or have you started one after? Yes, I did have one. It is still up, but I rarely use it.

Whats your favorite thing about making polishes? I only come up with things that I personally would wear. If I see something that inspires me, I immediately can come up with an idea to make a polish that is inspired by that person/place/or thing.

Can you tell us a curious thing that has happened to you with some client or something funny? There is one in particular that comes to mind. I was at a Third Eye Blind show and I posted about it on my Instagram, sure enough one of the people who also attended the show was wearing some of my polishes. Such a small world we live in.

Is there anything you'd Like to share: Thank you for letting me be a part of your Indie project!

Stockists: Norway Nails
Other Media: Instagram: LuminaLacquer

* * * 

Personal Notes from Betty:
Thank you so much Tatiana, for being a part of this project! Its a pleasure to have you here and I do wish you the best! 
Once again I  show my total support for Indie Makers and my full respect for their work.
I will not translate the interviews because words and meanings get lost in translation. I hope you understand. Please pm me or comment bellow if you have any doubts. 
If you are an Indie Maker and wont to participate in the project, please contact me through Facebook or email ( You are still in time! 
Don't Forget to come tomorrow ! 

* * *
I hope you loved today's Post!
What was your favorite part? Let me know all in the comment section bellow! 
 Please do comment, follow and share if  you liked, your feedback is very important to me and to all the girls that invested in this project!
Kisses & See you tomorrow !

*This is a post for the Guide A-Z :Indie Brands*
You can find all the info in the Guide A-Z Indie Brands Page,on the top of the Blog, or check  the Indie Guide Tag
*pictures taken from Lumina Lacquer Facebook Page with Tatiana's Permission*


Liquid Sky Lacquer - Ender Dragon

Hello ladies, how are you!?
Today I have another Liquid Sky Lacquer for you. 
You can read all posts about Liquid Sky Lacquer bellow the following picture where it says Blog Tag

Olá princesas, tudo bem?!
Hoje trago-vos mais um Liquid Sky Lacquer, uma marca de vernizes Indie. Podem ver todos os posts sobre a marca, incluindo a entrevista com a criadora em baixo da foto onde diz Blog Tag

Indie Guide Post   |     Facebook  |  Store  | Blog Tag

Ender Dragon

Another gorgeous glitter top coat by Liquid Sky Lacquer. This is a black & purple shred glitter on a clear base. The glitters are in a great amount and they all spread very nice and evenly! I applied them on top of a light baby pink by Mollon Pro that I'll be showing you very very soon! Only one coat of ender dragon. 

Mais um lindissimo glitter top coat da marca Liquid Sky Lacquer. Este glitter é composto com shreds em preto e roxo escuro numa base transparente. O glitter esta disposto na formula numa quantidade bastante generosa sendo que foi apenas necessária uma camada para o efeito abaixo. A cor base é um rosa bebé da Mollon Pro que vos vou mostrar em breve.

Indie Guide Post   |     Facebook  |  Store  | Blog Tag

I hope you enjoyed today's post.
Do you have any thoughts on Liquid Sky Lacquer polishes? Let me know.

See you soon,


Elevation Polishes mani with L'Oreal Matte

I couldn't resist the temptation to try my previous mani of Elevation Polish Stay Behind, Catch a Wave and Marmolada with matte top coat.

I used one coat of L'Oreal Matte* over the mani that I showed you in my previous post. I really liked how the mani looked matte too, it really made those glitters stand out, though I'm not sure if I prefered it shiny or matte. I think it looked really good both ways.
Again, I have to say that I'm so in love with Elevation Polish Stay Behind, Catch a Wave. It is just so pretty that I can't really state that enough! I just love it!

Orly Bonder
Elevation Polish Marmolada 3 coats
Elevation Polish Stay Behind, Catch a Wave 1 coat
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
L'Oreal Matte*

*L'Oreal Matte was sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.


NEWS - Bundle Monster Holiday Set

Hello ladies, how are you!? 
Quick news, the new Bundle Monster Holiday Set is now live and available to purchase HERE
! FREE shipping to US addresses. 

Ola! Boas noites! Uma rápida noticia para as aficionadas de carimbos e para as mais curiosas! 
O novo set de placas de carimbos da Bundle Monster já esta disponível para comprar aqui, no site oficial! 

See more pics after the jump!
Mais fotos abaixo da quebra:

Bundle Monster has also just launched a new brush set, a professional one. I'm curious!
You can buy it HERE

Have you heard of any of of this products ? Are you thinking about buying?
Let me know!
See you soon,