Missha HGR 01 posing for my camera

Hello everyone!

I had to update this article, because when it comes to Missha, I have not been able to get information about animal testing. So I want to tell you that this is not meant as advertisement. I am very concerned about animals well being, and have stopped to buy Missha. But these things change, so you should always check the animal organisations lists before buying a product, because those lists are updated.

I have had "Missha HGR 01" on my wishlist ever since I saw pictures of it at the blog Neglelakkmani. I bought it on eBay, and it came all the way from South Korea with only 1$ for shipping, and here it is:

The nail polish looks very nice in real life. It also behaved nice, posing for the camera, changing its appearance all the time, making the hand move only to see what it would look like in a different angle, and it managed to keep looking good in all light- conditions:

Inside, during the day

Outside, in the afternoon:

Which bird has walked here?

It is getting dark:

Early afternoon, street lights:

In the evening, in low light in the living room, in front of my PC:

Chipping on the thumb after 3 days wear (perhaps after opening a lid on the camera):

The brush was wide compared to the top of the bottle, but I did not spill any polish, and it was easy to apply. And here you see the cute heart shaped bottle bottom:

The nailphotos above are all with "OPI natural nail base coat", and "Gosh base/ top coat" as top coat.

The nail polish has a lovely scent of roses.

I changed my mind, and decided to also show you the first photos, even though it is before clean-up (sorry), and top coat, and hand cream (please ignore my dry skin). (I was just so impressed by the color, that I started taking pictures right away...) It is probably supposed to be worn without a topcoat anyway, since the topcoat hides the smell of roses. But if you do not like the smell, topcoat can be an option.

This polish is in the duo chrome family, and I think it must be a darker (and older?) aunt of Chanel Peridot and her close relatives, whom you can see on All Lacquered Up. I do not own Peridot (because I have seen Chanel on the lists of companies that use ingredients that have been tested on animals), but have tried it, and to me it looks more gold with a hint of green, while Missha HGR 01 is a golden greenish- teal. One of my favorite nail polishes.

The whole name of this beauty is: Missha The Style Crystal Nail Polish HGR 01.