5-pack minis from H&M. Part II: Beige+ Nfu- Oh 49

Hello everyone!

Beige on its own:

Well, not entirely on its own... I also used base coat (OPI Natural nail base coat) and topcoat (Gosh 01 base/ topcoat).

Dressing up beige:

I was going to go to a restaurant last Saturday and Monday (to celebrate a birthday), so I had planned to dress up the beige nail polish with a gold glitter (Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow) and a mat topcoat, as I did half a year ago. (If you want to see nailphotos of it, I can show you later). Then I found a sweater in the exact same beige color, with some gold printed on it. (it was the first time that I have bought clothes after the polish. Lol.) If I should have worn the sweater, I would just wear the polish on its own. But I changed my mind, and went for a turquoise blouse the first day. When I finally applied the polish, I kept bumping into things, and had to redo and redo on some fingers. So I chose to use a flakie to hide the uneven surface on some of the fingers, and to make the polish match my blouse. This is an easy way to make a neutral beige match some of the bright or neon colored spring clothes, without being to eye catching during the day. The last day, I wore it with burgundy, and that was also OK, because I did not want it to be to matching.

Base coat+ H&M Beige (2 layers)+ topcoat+ Nfu-Oh 49+ topcoat:

Direct sunlight:

Nfu- Oh 49

I chose Nfu- Oh 49, because it has a nearly uncolored base, with flakies that shift mainly from green to orange to yellow. So you can layer it over any color you want. It is similar to Nubar 2010, although they look completely different in the bottle. But I find 49 more densely packed with flakies, and mainly salmon colored. It differs from Nfu- Oh 59, because 59 has a orange- red base, and perhaps less green flakies. I like to use Nfu- Oh 49 over beige, brown, orange, or pink.

I have seen that other bloggers have Nfu- Oh on the "not tested on animals"- list, but I have not managed to get that confirmed. So at the moment it is difficult for me to buy nail polish from this company.

If you have flakie polishes and don`t need more, feel free to stop reading/ jump to the next post ( Part III:  Bronze+ Nfu- Oh 59).

Where can I buy Nfu- Oh?

Nfu- Oh is a South Korean brand, but my bottles are made in France. The brand has all sorts of nail polishes (and nail- and hand products), but I have only tried the flakies. They can be bought online at Viis Ilusalong or Fabuloustreet.com. Check where you get the best price and shipping. To find all the Nfu- Oh flakies on those pages, klick on "opal series" or "flakies".
If you have the opportunity to go to Seoul, South Korea, you should take a look at Nailderellas blog post  about Nfu Oh's headquarter first. She has actually been there! And she has a very good description of the location, with map and pictures of the shop (outside and inside), how to get there, and you can also print out the address in both Korean and English, so that you easily can ask for directions, or give it to the taxi driver.

Which flakie should I buy?

If you are starting up a flakie- collection, you should first find out which colors you want on the flakies. The easiest way to see the difference is if you compare swatches over black. Then compare with other brands, because there are a lot of new flakies this year. A lot of them are similar, and the prices vary. The latest new I heard of was pink and purple flakies in a clear base. If you want a flakie with a tinted base, the difference between the polishes are huge, and you can find some unique polishes. I especially like Nfu- Oh 51 (purple base) and 56 (green base). They can be used alone (3-4 coats) or for layering. Some of the  polishes looks as if they can be used alone when you look at the bottle color, but will not build up a nice color (for instance Nfu- Oh 54). I am only telling you this because I think I would have bought fewer bottles, if I knew what I know now. But if you have the money, just buy it all of course. In that case, I would try to support the brands who are not tested on animals. And as mentioned, I am not sure about Nfu- Oh.

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